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Unpaid internship for marketing/business students


We are building a revolutionary drone carrying a minimized factory for repairing wind turbine blades - and we are looking for you to join our team to make a global launch!

At Reblade we are looking to expand our team with four new employees in 2023 and six new employees in 2024.

We welcome international interns and our last four hires were international employees. Our daily company language is English.

If you:

  • are a business development or marketing student or similar

  • have a sense for business and global perspective

  • are into developing the business side of innovations, drones, robotics and process technology

  • have a natural tendency for a hands-on market approach - as we highly welcome go-getters and do'ers

  • are proficient in or a fast-learner who likes reaching out to actual market actors

  • love fast problem-solving and a rebellious solution approach to marketing and sales

  • are considering doing a master thesis or similar with a company on a real-world launch

  • and are into catapulting our team with more passion, please apply at the bottom of this page.

About Reblade
We are a very dynamic technology company, founded 2½ years ago. We have impressed and dazzled the wind industry with our prototype for leading edge repairs with the world's first flying solution that we are looking to launch globally. We have just recently won three EU projects for advancing our technology under Eurostars, Eureka and EIC Accelerator programmes, respectively.

We like to keep it simple and are inviting you to answer six video questions and two text questions. Please note the following below:

  1. You can freely respond to all questions in English, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish.

  2. Keep your responses brief. Video answers should take no longer than two to three minutes each. Text answers consist of a few sentences each.

  3. You have unlimited retakes available for video questions. But remember that your production quality (camera, setting, environment etc.) has zero effect on our decision to hire you. We only want to see how you will respond to these questions, so keep it simple and do not stress over how you or your surroundings may look.

If you have any issues with uploading your videos, try using your mobile data connection. If the issues persist, contact HireVire support (recruitment platform) via chat - see the red button located at the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

Good luck - we look forward to your application and to meeting you in person!


What is the next stage in the internship recruitment process?

If you are selected at this stage, you will have one more interview with Reblade management. Then you will receive a formal internship offer, if you are considered a fit for Reblade - and we hope that is mutual at that stage, of course.

How long does the recruitment process take?

We aim to evaluate all candidate responses within a week and to get back you in the following week. If you're our new top candidate, you should receive an internship proposal from Reblade within 2 weeks from the last interview.

If I am offered an internship, when do I need to start?

As soon as possible. But we can arrange the exact timing based on your circumstances and study plans.

Complete your application

Please enter your name
Please enter your name
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Answer these questions to complete the application:

  1. What commercial project are you the most proud of and what did you solve/learn?
  2. Why do you think you may be the right fit for an internship - and which relevant responsibilities have you had previously?
  3. What is your latest off-hours project (business/marketing do-at-home projects in your spare time)?
  4. What inspires you in the work place - what does your favorite day and inspiring challenges look like?
  5. If you are an international applicant, please tell us about your interest, reasons and motivation for relocating for an internship
  6. Please elaborate a bit about any extracurricular activities through your life, as we are always eager to hire people with interesting and diverse backgrounds and interests (whether these are recent or was several years ago)
  7. Please let us know if there are any financial obligations for Reblade regarding your internship?
  8. Please state the expected period of your internship - start and end date
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